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                                                                                            Dear parents of applicants and students!
                                                                The South Ural state university is glad to welcome you on our web site!

SUSU constantly develops and keeps up to date. It is necessary for us to hear your opinion - opinion of parents. We want to know your ideas concerning development of university, educational process, leisure, culture, sports and etc. We invite you to take active part in life of the South Ural State University. The parents point of view of is important for us! Together with you, we will make our HIGH SCHOOL  better!


Features of training in high school

Study in high school the intense work demanding from the student persistence, purposefulness, diligence, independence, the creative relation to work. To make this work successful and it will has brought desirable results, it should be organized correctly on the basis of the following generalized recommendations:

    - To put correctly the purposes and problems;
    - To keep physical health;
    - To support an optimum psychological spirit,
    - To distribute time and to plan the work correctly;
    - To seize skills of work with the book;
    - To learn to conduct records;
    - To learn to remember, use the memory and thinking, - as much as possible try to use all forms of studies for increase of knowledge level;
    - To get skills of research work;
    - To seize the standard of speech and dialogue.

Training at the university consists from auditory (lectures, practice in the university) and independent preparation, and in much bigger degree the student should study independently or in dialogue with companions.

Auditory preparation provides:

    - Visiting by the student of lectures, seminars, practical training, consultations and diligent making an abstract;
    - Delivery various tasks (executed independently and in writing frame) in target dates ;
    - Reports in the oral form under other tasks.

Independent preparation provides:

    - Attentive reading and reasoning out of lectures, the decision of problems and performance of various exercises;
    - Library work with the various literature, conducting records of abstracts;
    - Discussion of a teaching material with other students;
    - Performance of various independent works, writing of abstracts, preparation of reports etc.

Development of the student on various courses has some special lines:

First course - solves problems of familiarizing of the recent entrant to student's forms of collective life. The behavior of students differs high degree of conformism; first-year students don't have differentiated approach to the roles. The period of the most intense educational activity of students. All modes of study are intensively included in life of the first-year student and education. Students receive the general preparation, their wide cultural requirements and requirements are formed. Process of adaptation to the given environment basically is finished.

Second course the specialization beginning, strengthening of interest to scientific work as reflection of the further development and deepening of professional interests of students. The imperative need in specialization frequently leads to narrowing of sphere of versatile interests of the person. Forms of formation of the person are in the main defined by the specialization factor.

Third course the first real acquaintance to a speciality in practice passage. For behavior of students intensive search of more rational ways and forms of special preparation is characteristic, there is a revaluation of many values of life.

Fourth course the prospect of the fast termination of high school forms accurate practical installations on the future kind of activity. Are shown new, becoming more and more actual values connected with material and marital status, a work place, etc. Students gradually depart from collective forms of life of high school.

To learn to operate meaningly itself, to develop will, diligence, to develop skills of independent work - such there should be a motto of each student!



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