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There're are the following levels of degrees open at the University:
- Bachelor,
- Master,
- Ph.D.,
- Doctor of Sciences.

Pre-Degree Preparation
All of the educational programmes of the University (except for the following) are conducted in Russian. So if you're planning to get a Degree at SUSU, your study would start at the Preparatory Faculty.

The preparatory course takes:

Apart from language courses, the pre-degree preparation includes basic professional subjects.

The terms of study


- Bachelor Degree 4 years

- Master's Degree 2 years

- Post-graduated Studies 3-4 years

- Doctoral Studies 3 years

Tuition Fees


The tuition fees vary depending on the programme and the level of the degree.



Letter of Invitation

To get the Russian visa you need to add the official letter of invitation to the papers, you file to the Embassy. The letter of invitation is made by SUSU, and then sent to you by mail.

The following documents have to be filed to SUSU (by mail, e-mail or fax):


- the personal questionnaire. (Please send the questionnaire in *.doc format)

- the copy of the first two pages of your passport. (in *.pdf or*.jpeg)

The letter of invitation is prepared for 2 months, so please send all the required documents at least 3 months before the beginning of the term.

The documents necessary for application
  1. The copy of your passport,
  2. The original copy of your certificate of previous education and (or) or qualification, acknowledged in the Russian Federation (or its notarized copy);
  3. The Russian translation of the certificate of education or qualification, and the transcript of marks (if that is issued according to the law of the issuing authority);
  4. 4 matt photos, 4cm x 3cm, not is red clothes

NOTE: All of the Russian translations should have the name and surname as stated in the visa.


Nostrification of the documents confirming education is an obligatory step of the application process.

Nostrification is fulfilled only at the Main Expert Center of the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency of the Russian Federation in Moscow (Russia).

The list of documents applied to the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency for approving the document of education issued by a foreign state on the Russian Federation territory.

1) Nostrification can be done when you come to our Universityto study under power of attorney. For this you need to take the following documents:

1. an application to the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency which is filled in at the University.

2. a copy of a document (passport or other valid ID) identifying the personality of an applicant and/or the holder of the document of education which in case of necessity must be translated into Russian and notarized.

3. an original of the document confirming education. Its legalization should be done in the receiving country (Ministry of Education, Department of Education – before leaving the country you should know where you can legalize you documents and legalize them).

4. an original of the legalized (if necessary) transcript to the document confirming education, if any provided by the legislation of the country issued the document confirming education, specifying the studied courses, subjects, disciplines (modules) and their volume and other components provided by the educational process.

5. copies of the document confirming education (original and transcript) with their notarized translation into Russian (if necessary). The holder’s names in the translation should coincide with those in visa or registration in the Russian Federation territory.

The holder of the certificate of education can present other documents confirming his or her education including other education documents and/or qualification, professional training etc. These documents are presented with the copies and notarized translation (if necessary).

2) For accelerating the procedure of examination of the suit of documents we recommend you to present the following additional documents:

a copy of a document of previous education (you can present any copy but only a notarized copy is considered);

information of the foreign educational institution’s license to educational activities in the educational program valid as of the date of issuing the document (for documents of secondary and higher professional education)*;

a certificate issued by the educational institution confirming the fact of studying and issuing the document of education with the document entry (for the documents of education issued in those states which have an agreement with the Russian Federation on consular legalization abolition (see site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation*;

information about mode of study (full-time/part-time/extra-mural, short/accelerated study program)*.

All the additional documents presented must be translated and notarized.

Information marked with * can be presented as a single certificate from an educational institution or a national authority of education control.

Extra fees
International students do not get a scholarship. Library is free.